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THE WORLD Medley Match Campaign - Prize Giveaway!


Stage 3 of the world's most prestigious soft-tip darts tournament, THE SOFT DARTS WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS 2013, will be held in La Rochelle, France on 15th - 16th June.

In our prize give away campaign, from May 15th - 31st, we will be giving prizes to the players who have played the most "THE WORLD" games*.
The Top 10 players who have played the most THE WORLD medley games in Europe (France, Belgium, Spain, and Portugal) will receive the following prizes.

Prize List
1st - Paul Lim Darts Uniform (signed) + THE WORLD 2012 DVD
2nd - 10th - THE WORLD 2012 drinks tumbler + THE WORLD 2012 DVD

The top 10 prizes will be sent to the player's HOME SHOP.

If you are ranked outside the top 10, but have played more than 10 times during the campaign period, please visit our booth in La Rochelle to receive a special consolation prize!

Current standings:

world cp_belgium.PNG

* How to access "THE WORLD" mode
Simple Menu → Recommend → "THE WORLD" mode

Please note that you must use your DARTSLIVE CARD to play "THE WORLD" mode and to register a valid HOME SHOP.

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