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International Top 100 COUNT-UP Challenge Starts Today!!



International Top 100 COUNT-UP Challenge" has started from this very day!!

The total of the Top 100 COUNT-UP score of each country will be updated every Monday.
Among the 7 countries, USA, Canada, UK, France, Spain, Portugal and Belgium, who will become the top country!
Break your COUNT-UP highscore record and lead your country to become the BEST!!

For prize information and more campaign details, please check the campaign information below!

■Campaign Period
April 1st - 30th, 2014
*By the maintenance time for each country on May

■How to Join Campaign
-Players must be a registered DARTSLIVE CARD Member
*Unregistered DARTSLIVE CARD, which will be displayed as "no name ~~~~", will not be calculated into the total country point.
-HOME SHOP must be registered for your DARTSLIVE CARD
-Play COUNT-UP and break your High Score!
-COUNT-UP score with a finger press will be treated as a cheat and will not be counted! Fair play is a global manner!

■Campaign Prize
Prizes for the US & Canada players will be a DARTSLIVE Prize Package and a NineDartOut Prize Package!!
-The Top 10 players in the Monthly COUNT-UP Ranking of the each country will receive a Campaign THEME.
-The shop which contributed most for the winning country will receive a Shop Prize package from DARTSLIVE!
-The Top 10 players that contributed most for the winning country
will receive another prize from DARTSLIVE!
-Also, the player who've ranked as the 100th of each countries' Monthly COUNT-UP Ranking will have a chance to win a prize from DARTSLIVE!

■How to check your COUNT-UP High Score?
You can check your COUNT-UP High Score in the "Play Data" of your DARTSLIVE CARD PAGE. Don't forget to register your DARTSLIVE CARD!

April CP highscore.png
*Click here to register your DARTSLIVE CARD!

■How do I check the National COUNT-UP Ranking?
You can check the COUNT-UP Top 100 Ranking at the Ranking page of our official website. The Ranking are updated online & realtime, so make sure you're to check the ranking board when you hit a high score!
*Click here to see the current COUNT-UP Top 100 Ranking of your country!

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