Network-Capable Dart Machine Connects You to the Entire World

DARTSLIVE is a network-connected electronic dart machine which is considered a global standard electronic dart device for its high-quality, high-performance and high penetration ratio in various countries.
Our DARTSLIVE machines equipped with cutting-edge technology are advancing continually and propagate unparalleled services that broaden the horizons of the dart world.

DARTSLIVE CARD enables you to record your game performance.

By using a dedicated DARTSLIVE CARD during the games, players will be able to record their game results and check them on the Website and/or via the DARTSLIVE apps.

Battle against players from all around the world.

“GLOBAL MATCH”, the online darts match function, enables players to play darts with people in different countries.

A great variety of games caters to novice to advanced players alike.

DARTSLIVE offers standard games such as 01 GAMEs and CRICKET Games as well as a number of PARTY GAMEs that are best suited for enjoyment by a large group.


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