TouchLiveNetworked/DARTSLIVE Interlinked Touchscreen Game Machine

TouchLive is a touchscreen game machine, which utilizes the DARTSLIVE network.
By employing the same DARTSLIVE CARD used with our networked dart machines, TouchLive players log into the common network system. There they experience the “excitement of being connected to others”, a feeling not delivered by traditional touchscreen game machines.

Enjoy DARTSLIVE even more!

TouchLive offers contents linked with DARTSLIVE. Players can earn or purchase original virtual items to customize the game screen for their own liking, and also they can check their darts game results and rolling Rating in real time immediately after finishing a match.

Comes packed with casual fun games.

It comes with a variety of games such as puzzles and quizzes that anyone can enjoy playing casually.

Smartphone Application

Some of popular TouchLive games are being provided free of charge as iPhone and Android applications.


MAHJONG LIVE online capabilities enable players to enjoy playing against their opponents via the network. 3-player mahjong rules are employed for this device. According to the match results, a player’s Rating will be calculated and his/her virtual character will change.


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