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LIVE CREDIT system upgrade & DARTSLIVE CREDIT READER now available !!!


LIVE CREDIT system upgrade

The LIVE CREDIT system upgrade will be happening soon! Get the new DARTSLIVE CREDIT card at any Central/Northern region DARTSLIVE shop - Players using the current Central/Northern Malaysia LIVE CREDIT card can now do a 1-for-1 exchange free of charge! Note that the minimum amount for the DARTSLIVE CREDIT card is RM 30 so a top-up is required during the exchange if you have less than RM 30 LIVE CREDIT.

Do exchange/top up your DARTSLIVE CREDIT at any Central/Northern Malaysia region DARTSLIVE shop between 3rd October - 31st October. Current LIVE CREDIT will expire after 31st Oct 2018.

With the new card, you can now check your DARTSLIVE CREDIT via the DARTSLIVE CREDIT Reader app.
(Download via #Google App Store. Min system requirement: Android 5.0 & NFC support - Software not available for iPhones yet but that is coming soon!)

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