Rating to be updated after each match

You don't have to wait until the next day any more. The new app lets you keep up with your latest RATING. Play data will be updated right after 01or CRICKET game.

DARTSLIVE will be more fun and exciting with this "Real-time" RATING system.

Multi-faceted data to evaluate your skill

Play data analysis from various angles.
You can check your darts skill from multiple perspectives.
Analytical charts are easy to understand and allow you to grasp your strength and weakness easily.
You can enjoy not only improving your darts skill but also the process of the improvement.

Play together
Become a "Friend"
Expand your community

Users playing darts using their DARTSLIVE cards registered to the DARTSLIVE App will be automatically listed as Friends in the App.
If you tap on a "Friend",  you can look at his or her RATING and STATS.
With this feature, Friends can become your long term darts buddies.

More fun with friends

Form a group of your darts friends.
Group members can not only compare their match records and play data, but also enjoy competitions using group rankings.
Playing members, the results of the day and anniversaries are also available to view.

Record your darts history automatically
for you to share

The app can automatically record special dates such as the day when you start playing DARTSLIVE and the day when you hit your first HAT TRICK.
You can not only view your darts history but also share your favorite darts moments in your group.

Other great features

  • Customization


  • Coin Store

    You can earn Bonus Coin or purchase items with Coin.

  • WhereNow

    You can see where members of your group are playing darts.

  • Ranking

    View national rankings such as those based on Count-up and Rating.

Enjoy DARTSLIVE more using the various app features!

Learn more details about the App

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