【Globally popular!】Join “Let’s Make Friends” campaign now!

Let’s Make Friends

“Let’s Make Friends” campaign is very popular across the world!
People are enjoying this campaign at shops across the world. Let’s play more darts with more people and make a lot of darts friends♪
Players who have competed with the target number of opponents will receive a very rare DARTSLIVE THEME with new BULL sound! Compete and get it now!

■Campaign period
June 25 (Wed) to July 31 (Thu) *Japan Standard Time

■How to join this campaign
(1) Register for DARTSLIVE membership with your DARTSLIVE CARD
(2) Insert your DARTSLIVE CARD into the card slot of DARTSLIVE and select “MEDLEY”
(3) Compete against 5 or more players and get the THEME! Compete against 20 or more players and get the PREMIUM THEME!

>>For DARTSLIVE membership registration method‚ visit here
>>For DARTSLIVE shops near you‚ visit here
*DARTSLIVE CARD is available at the shops with DARTSLIVE machines. Ask shop staff for more information.

★If you play against 5 or more players‚

Let’s Make Friends

above cute picture THEME will be yours!

★If you play against 20 or more players‚

above very rare PREMIUM THEME will be yours!

・No. of opponents is counted only in the county or region of your home shop.
(e.g. If your home shop is in Hong Kong‚ no. of opponents includes only the players whom you played agains in Hong Kong.)
・When you leave the country or region of your home shop‚ or change the country or region of home shop‚ your no. of opponents starts from 0. If you return to the country or region of your original home shop‚ or return the home shop setting to the original one‚ no. of opponents return to the original figure before the change.

Competed agianst 3 players at your home shop in the US.
Went Canads and changed your home shop to a Canadian one
No. of your opponents in Canada starts from 0.
Went US again and set your home shop to the US one. No. of opponents starts from the 4th as you already had 3 opponents before in the US.

■Campaign countries/regions
Australia‚ Belgium‚ Canada‚ China‚ France‚ Hong Kong‚ Indonesia‚ Korea‚ Malaysia‚ Portugal‚ Singapore‚ Spain‚ Thailand‚ UK and US

*DARTSLIVE THEME is the background image that cansustomize your DARTSLIVE gamescreen. You will get big attention in the shop with the THEME!