Win a Bonus Credit EVERYDAY by playing GLOBAL MATCH!!

Win a Bonus Credit EVERYDAY by playing GLOBAL MATCH!!

GLOBAL MATCH is one of the most popular games on the DARTSLIVE2 system.
It enables players to play against other people from all around the world in the comfort of their home DARTSLIVE location.
If you are a fan of GLOBAL MATCH‚ you can earn a Bonus Credit (Bonus Game) every day you play DARTSLIVE in the month of July!

■Campaign Period:
HST Sep 30st 22:00 - Nov 1st 22:00
AST Sep 30st 23:00 - Nov 1st 23:00
PST Oct 1st 00:00 - Nov 2nd 00:00
MST Oct 1st 01:00 - Nov 2nd 01:00
CST Oct 1st 02:00 - Nov 2nd 02:00
EST Oct 1st 03:00 - Nov 2nd 03:00

■Who can earn Bonus Credits?:
DARTSLIVE Premium Members and DARTSLIVE Members who are under the Premium Membership Trial Period.
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【How to earn Bonus Credit】
Bonus Credits can be earned when a DARTSLIVE Premium Member enters GLOBAL MATCH and chooses 701 or STANDARD CRICKET.
When the player chooses which game to play‚ your Bonus Credit (4 Credit) will be added to the board you are playing.

■Important Notes
*You can earn your bonus credit by selecting GLOBAL MATCH and selecting either 701 or Standard Cricket.
・One Bonus Credit will be given to a DARTSLIVE Premium Member’s account every 12 hours.
*Please be aware that Bonus Credits will be available for one person per DARTSLIVE CARD account.
If there are multiple DARTSLIVE CARDS registered under one DARTSLIVE account‚ the first DARTSLIVE CARD holder to play GLOBAL MATCH will be given the Bonus Credit.
The other DARTSLIVE CARD holders on the same account can earn the Bonus Credit 12 hours after the last Bonus Credit was earned.

If you’re a Premium Member and a fan of GLOBAL MATCH‚ the more you play GLOBAL MATCH‚ the bigger the bonus!
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